How to Replace a Window Regulator Motor (DIY)

Window wont roll up? Learn how to replace a window regulator motor in your car. Replacing the window motor is less expensive than replacing the entire window regulator assembly. Replacing the window motor can fix a window that is stuck down, or doesn't roll down at all. Also if your window is getting stuck or is slow to go up and down, or it is making a grinding or whining noise, this video will show you how to repair it.

Window regulator motors:
Dry lubricant for windows:
Butyl Tape:
Medium strength threadlocker:
Silicone Paste (dielectric grease):
Common hand tools:

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    For everyone wondering, the Lemon BMW videos are coming up shortly but we had a mishap at the race which messed up all my planned videos haha. But stay tuned because once the car is back, I have some epic videos to share with you guys!



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    My motors are fine, but I want my windows to move faster. At the very least the driver and passenger windows. Is there a more universal option than this? Especially since my first gen rav4 is somewhat rare and saught after most parts on the market are either out of stock or discontinued. And used parts that I can find are usually in rough shape and go for a hefty price due to its rarity.

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    Hi Chris, If the window on my car roll down (only) by itself, even when the car is locked, would you suspect the window regulator motor? I've tried: 1. remove the fuse that related to the power windows 2. cancel the automatic window lifter 3. disconnect the window's button and also the whole Driver control panel. 4. disconnect the car battery. this actually helped haha, but still... I will have to say that in the winter it happened a lot, and after few months of being ok, now its back to roll down sometimes

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    Hey ChrisFix I have a Nissan Altima 2007 and my driver side window isn’t working right like once you roll it down it will stop like an inch and it won’t roll back up. My other windows are fine, but it just my driver’s side window that irrating me. Have you ever dealt with this before?

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    Usually when your window is stuck open, half way, and won't go up, you won't know if it's the Regulator or Motor, unless you take the door panel off, and your a mechanical whiz like Chris. This happened 2 times to me. Shops were quoting me $ 700.00 to fix this, and said just get a Regulator which includes the motor, because it's either one of the 2. The Regulator is triangular, and has cables in it, that lift the window, and they can break or kink up, causing the window lift not to work. In my case I ordered an aftermarket Regulator and Motor, and got it for $ 140.00, and had a body shop install it for $ 75.00 bucs -- total bill was $ 215.00.(better than $700) In my case the motors in both regulators still worked fine, but the cables in the Regulator, were all kinked up, and out of alignment. So, if your the average guy, and don't know if it's the Regulator or Motor, just order the complete unit that includes both the Regulator and Motor, and have it then installed, and Voila, you have a working window. Hope this helps someone. You can now take the tape and plastic off your half open stuck window :)

  • Grant P
    Grant PPrieš 25 dienų

    ANYONE HAVE ADVICE ? I have a 4.0 litre V8, Baby Northstar Engine in my 2001 Olds Aurora, have this "intermittent problem". When it just about comes to stop it "sometimes" starts to buck a bit, does not come to a smooth stop, but usually does not stall. This happens on and off ?? Where do I start ? clean the throttle body, leaky EGR valve, fuel filter, idle air control valve, or maybe a crank sensor, unique to V8 Northstar engines. Any of you good mechanical guys that read the posts here on this great channel, please give me some advice, as I don't know where to start - thanks.

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    Really enjoyed your video as always Chris! There’s only one thing I might add- you can buy a top of the line pop riveter from Milwaukee for 44.99 with 4 sizes of rivets included- It’s super fast and easy to use and I love the close tolerances/hold. I’ve used them to fabricate a roof rack for solar panels on my stealth camper when I didn’t feel like busting out the welder, and 5 years later I’m proud to say that the rivets are still tight as ever. For a cheap af hand tool, I’d say that the investment is definitely worth the return, especially once you factor in convenience and time saved. Anyone who works with metal things should have one IMHO. Happy wrenching- Pop pop!

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    Thanks a lot! Finding a rivet that was big enough was the tough part. They would need to be pretty deep or I would have riveted to make it quicker and easier!

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