How to Remove Snow WITHOUT Scratching your Car

(under 60 seconds) ChrisFix Quick Tip
With this ChrisFix Quick Tip, learn how to remove snow from your car without scratching the paint. I also have a tip on preventing the windshield from icing up and to clean off the side view mirrors very easily.

Electric Leaf Blower:
Microfiber Towel:
Snow Brush:
Windshield Snow Cover:

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  • ChrisFix
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    This is something new LTdron is rolling out called #Shorts where I can provide a 60 sec or less video which I will use for "Quick Tips" if this works out. Let me know what you think... It might be nice to do between videos since the in-depth DIY videos take a long time to make!

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    you funny as hell you know that right if you put something on your car it gets stolen

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    Great vid Chris. Love your channel. What about wet snow?

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    Awesome job man! Keep up the amazing work. Excited to see more of tips and tricks.

  • ne0nZchr0me
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    I buy a new windshield cover every other week because it runs away almost every week I use it.. maybe it doesn't like my car idk 🤪

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    Bro get a garage 😂

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    Yeah this all works if it's light powder snow

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    Leaf vs paint not going to work

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    Better idea. Don’t live where it snows.

  • Shah Khoda
    Shah KhodaPrieš 6 val

    Y would u want 2 take a chance 2 damage the paint or extra wrk wen u can leave the snow alone & it will melt threw time or it will eventually fall of piece by piece, jst clean it off from the front & rear windshield & side windows & mirrors & good 2 go. 😎 🇺🇸

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    How to remove snow ❄️ without scratching it: Use your hands

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    Only works in Colorado dry snow

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    Your mirrors are literally heated lol

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    I'm glad this video came out before winter. Definitely gonna use the mat and the ziplock bag tricks. The blower may or may not work depending on whether my snow is nice and powdery or it is a solid chunk of ice over snow.

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    For removing ice on your doors; Just whip out the trusty mini-hammer. Give it a few donks and you're golden!

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    You guys have snow?

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  • fire dragon wolf alpha
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    just use water

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    Just pour boiling water on it

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    thank you, .and it helped a lot. here in Brasilia it has been snowing a lot

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    I wish I knew some of these tips earlier but I’ll be ready this winter! 🥶

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    Pour semi hot water on top of the ice, wait for a little longer, done you will have nice protective coating film of ice

  • DGD Plays
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