10 Winter Car TIPS & TRICKS you NEED to Know

If you live somewhere that gets snow, this video will teach you some helpful tips and tricks I have learned over the years to prepare your car for the snow! Learn how to remove ice from your windshield and how to remove snow from your car quickly without scratching the paint. I also show you how to prevent your door and lock from getting frozen shut and many more tips and tricks! I even show you how to use a car detailing spray to prevent the snow from sticking!

Windshield Snow/Ice Shield: amzn.to/3dsj3Aj
Silicone Spray: amzn.to/3blnREZ
Snow Removal Brush: amzn.to/3pG3OpY
Windshield Washer Fluid: advanceautoparts.rt8x.net/jWXJd6
Ceramic Spray: advanceautoparts.rt8x.net/15eZAx
Strong Leaf Blower: amzn.to/3bg1II4

How to get more traction on snow and ice: 0:40
How to get out of your driveway or parking spot safely: 1:48
How to top off washer fluid: 2:51
How to prevent doors and locks from freezing: 3:13
How to prevent ice from sticking to your windshield: 5:55
How to prevent snow from sticking to shovel: 8:29
How to prevent scratching your paint while removing snow: 9:25
How to remove snow without touching it: 10:10
How to remove ice from glass: 12:43

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    Hopefully these tips are helpful. The weather has been horrible here with snow ever couple of days which has put a hamper on filming my regular How-To videos. Hopefully the snow melts soon! I have some awesome videos coming!!!

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    Tip and trick #11 move to Florida or California

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    i used a metal shovel to clean off my car...am i doing it right?

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    Good tips...the canvas on the front/rear windows I've been doing for decades. But if you have to leave for work at 4-5am the leaf blower thing will most certainly piss the neighbors off...

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    ExtraTips: #1.Remote starter,.#2 Floor mates for window and wheel traction, #3 Long Camper Brush.#4 Relief windows (lower loose before freeze).

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    I use to keep a small oil filled electric radiator room heater on the inside my Expedition all night and the cab was nice and toasty in the morning with no ice on the windows or frozen doors.

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    Just fyi, Pouring hot water on glass won't crack it, yea, maybe don't boil it, but hot tap water is perfectly safe on car windows. Not sure where this myth comes from.

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    Hello Chris, i wanted to know how to wash a ceramic coated car in winter without having a garage? I don't have any diy car washing stations where i live. Thanks for your help.

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    The best way to avoid all this: Park in your garage

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    I've read that you should never leave your wiper arms up... They hinge for maintenance purposes, but aren't meant to be left up, it weakens the springs and reduces the pressure of your wiper blades on the glass.

  • Winterpillow
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    6 months later I've came back to help inform other again about not lifting your wipers off of your windshield. I've personally seen windshields shatter because of them being blown down.

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    On last winter in Ukraine we have 27 celsium degrees negative. Yes, we use all of that tips, because if you dont do this - you cant penetrate in you'r car after couple hours after ride. Another one tip for really low degrees winter - take off battery and take it in the house. Dont get your battery freeze.

  • Greg Hill
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    you must be a bit further north then i am over in pa around rt 78 we always seem to get the dam winter mix of wet snow with sleet and ice it is a rare storm that is actually dusty enough to blow off car with a leaf blower i wish we could i had my kids use shovels on me rather then snow brushes so i had cars that look like it was attacked by a lion at the safari park . they were teenagers and couldn't figure out a shovel would scratch car

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    ………or get all you junk out of your garage and here’s an idea, put your vehicle in there. You neighbors will also thank you for you’re driveway not looking like a used car lot.

  • ᓂᑯᓚ NDup
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    Being from Montreal, Canada, where winter is long, we use high-quality brushes with plastic scraper all winter. Saves time. So it is really important to do these: - Wax car at least once a year. - Oil Change every year. - Rust-proof every year. - Check tire pressure every month. - Have a box full of fluids, cleaners and microfiber laying in the trunk. - When removing snow, make sure the exhaust is in the clear and then start the car to warm up the engine and to de-ice the windows better. - Have an emergency kit in the car at all times, spare tire is a must with road conditions. - Get good winter tires. - Get a pen paint that matches your car paint, there's always someone who bumps your parked car. - Sing "I will survive" and "Living on a prayer". - Eat baguette and fromage. - Compliment someone for bad driving, staying positive, etc. - Avoid Montreal roads.

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    9:17 My favorite line.

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    Actually, reverse is the gear with the most torque. So backing up through snow is better on reverse if you keep the front wheels straight.

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    I like how this is also a video about keeping a shovel clean, I hope this guys a dad because he's the best at dad stuff 😂

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    In the UK we dont get a lot of snow but when we do, I use barely warm water and use that on the icy areas.... heck even cold tap water will melt the ice... its ice so its below 0.c, cold tap water is hotter than that hence it melts. Water on the driver door, enough to gain access, and they start the car and let idle and get warm, while clearing lights is usually suffice for me.

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    All those tips are cute but if you want to level up, be like us in central Canada - skip every step in this video and get a remote starter. Start your vehicle from the house 20 minutes before you go and the windshield will be clear. The rest of the snow will fly off the vehicle while you're driving

  • chiya2006
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    One more reason to back up the car faced the street is, of course when you have a dead battery and you need to bring your neighbor to give you a boost. It happened to me just yesterday. I had bad battery knowing will disappoint me in the morning, so I patched inside a garage face outside. Good enough when I woke up , battery was dead so my neighbor came over n gave it a boost no problem. Do it people where you have snow in your area

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    I usually fill a spray bottle with winter washer fluid and spray the windshield and windows first then I hop in the truck and run it for 10 to 20 minutes to get the heater going good and toasty and the snow and ice just runs off.

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    This are awesome tips, and so far you are the only one that goes unto all details. I love all your videos. thank you so much from Arizona..yes we do get ice and snow here.

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    We're still several months away from cold weather let alone snow, but Upstate New York has some brutal winter weather. These are great tips and tricks to know.

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