DIY Odor Remover (For Your Car)

Have bad odors in your car because you just ate a bean borrito? Farting up a storm with a friend on a road trip? Well fear no more, in today's video I show you how to install your own car fart odor remover right into the seat of your car. The odors pass through an activate carbon filter and no one will smell a thing!

Fart Spray:
Charcoal Filter:
Fuse Tap:
On/Off Switch:
Hog Ring Pliers:
Impact Gun:
Torque Wrench:

Alex Sells His Miata:
Blinker Fluid:
Piston Return Springs:
Muffler Bearings:
Summer/Winter Air:

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  • ChrisFix
    ChrisFixPrieš metus

    So for everyone thinking this is a joke... well originally it was, but now, after making this, it’s definitely not haha. It works so well and it’s based on a true story. I for real thought of this on a road trip down to Georgia to jump Raptors with my buddy bc we had bad gas lol.

  • Amah number 1 the phone collector and more

    Amah number 1 the phone collector and more

    Prieš mėn

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  • Amah number 1 the phone collector and more

    Amah number 1 the phone collector and more

    Prieš mėn

    You got a brand

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    Alejandro Ramadhar

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  • Alejandro Ramadhar

    Alejandro Ramadhar

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    learnmore zanamwe

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    This would be a lot safer than the usual burning of gas with a cigarette lighter! :P

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    Car guys are crazy scientists 😂❤️

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    Wouldn’t this ruin the long term integrity of the seat?

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    BoomboxxxPrieš mėn

    (For Your Car) LMBO Really nice video, though. I've just found your channel and have been watching all day. Your videos give me motivation to keep my baby cleaner and you give great tips while never missing ANYTHING in the process. Every minute watching is absolutely worth it. Thank you so much for your help!!🚔🖤

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    Dear Chrisfix, I am planning to do some electrical work soon however I'm not sure about the planned ground points I have chosen. Is there any videos on how to choose a good ground connection and dos and donts of grounding your electrical additions? For instance I got a bolt and a metal piece near my gas pedal bolted on to the firewall, would that be a good enough ground?

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