How To Super Clean the Interior of your Car (Carpets & Headliner)

Full Detail! Learn how to Super Clean and detail the interior of your car. In this video I show you how to clean your carpets, floor mats, trunk, and headliner. The super clean series is about attention to detail so not only are we vacuuming the carpet but we are also shampooing it with an extractor to remove all the embedded dirt and smells.

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Carpet Protector:
Interior Plastic/Vinyl Cleaner:
Interior Plastic/Vinyl High Shine Protector:
Waterless Wash and Wax:
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Steam Cleaner:
Extractor Vacuum:
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  • ChrisFix
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    I just posted the newest Interior Super Clean video covering the Dashboard, Door Panels, Center Console, and windows:



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    Is it not easier to remove the gum with an ice cube?

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    Hey bro would we be able to repeat all the steps for detailing the interior like using interior detail spraying would that be okay to repeat like once every month ? I’ma sent this a couple more times to make sure you get it thank you bro

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    Can you come clean my car😂 this is amazing

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    Zach RobertsonPrieš 3 dienas

    These interior cleaning vids are fantastic, picked up a lot of good tricks and my Sonata looks fkn great now. Just an FYI: this takes a SIGNIFICANT amount of time if you do it right. It took me around 3 hours each vid (carpets, interior, leather seats). Just be forewarned this ain't no 30 min job. This is the type of detail you should do twice a year (fall/spring). Any more than that is overkill.

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    This guy is pro.

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    I have never seen a woman’s car clean yet.

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    on average... how long does it take for you to do a vehicle

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    No one has all those tools to clean their own car. Stop flexin.

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    Prieš 2 dienas

    You can rent them at some places

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    The porpuse of the carpet is to absorb your mess I prefer that than the liquid goiing to my floormat

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    Susan the vandalised car?

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    Its been 11 months and have watched it 3 times but my car interior is still durrrrty

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    Yah. Thanks for demonstrating picking up the junk and vacuuming. Holy. Wastes. Of. TIME!!!!

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    I would also recommend to spray some silicone spray onto the seat belts and sealings of the windows, so they can get in and out easier.

  • Sjors
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    I really recommend a tornado cleaner instead of brushing

  • Paola Arletty
    Paola ArlettyPrieš 7 dienų

    Watching him remove the front car seats gave me anxiety. If screws are involved those car sets are staying in there and I’ll work extra hard to get the junk from underneath the seats some other way. Nowadays most vacuums have long and narrow attachments that can get underneath the nooks and crannies of your car. As someone who doesn’t have a driveway, removing my car seats is not always my first thought, but it’s good to know there is the option of my car truly required a super deep cleaning beneath the seats

  • Marzimus
    MarzimusPrieš 7 dienų

    Protip- get a toy sword from the dollar store. Cut off tip (bonus if scabbard is included) and use as a vacuum nozzle. You can modify the size via clipping in the right spot. Works great for sucking lint out of the area the trap sits in on your dryer. ☝️

  • Leimana Velez
    Leimana VelezPrieš 7 dienų

    Awesome work. Just wanted to ask what type of brush are you using on the carpet,the long thin black one with the handle, whats it called? I'm trying to get one lol

    BABY BUBBAPrieš 7 dienų

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    Do ya think you could remove mold stains from ceiling carpet? (Motorhome)

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    How much would it end up costing to have a professional do this to my car?

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    Wow this was super helpful and interesting/fun to watch! Thanks for sharing!

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    Amy Irish

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    @SimpWimpChimp confirmed

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    Most of the products are affordable except for the extractor vacuum but you can rent those out although I would just say buy it if you want to save money in the long run

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    "No one's THIS dirty," Detail Geek: I beg to differ

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    Aussie PomPrieš 12 dienų

    If you have carpets in your house then there's no need to have them professionally cleaned for you can do it yourself with domestic carpet shampooers. But what about the car? Well most domestic carpet shampooers come with a tools attachment to enable you to do carpet on stairs or upholstery and they usually come with a variety of attachments and can also easily be used for doing the car. If you have carpets in your home and you use a domestic carpet shampooer why would you buy separate carpet shampooer just the car when your house carpet shampooer with do exactly the same job.

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    Do I have to disconnect the battery before removing the seats to clean that area? It's located behind the left front fender next to the tire.

  • James Adair
    James AdairPrieš 14 dienų

    As a professional detailer with 4 certifications including one from the IDA and 27 years of detailing experience, I'm not really impressed.

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    Good day Chris Thank you for the awesome advice and tips on cleaning your vehicle. We have a Toyota Landcruiser Prado 2008, still in a very good condition but the dash is starting to crack at a few places. Any advice or ideas on how to stop or prevent further cracking? Thank you Rudi South Africa

  • Big TREV
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    If you have rubbery floor mats you can clean it easily in the bathtub with a brush and some soap.

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  • Harry L
    Harry LPrieš 16 dienų

    Can you air dry your floor mats if you don't have a vaccum?

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    Hi Chris I started cleaning my car without disconnecting battery. I removed car front seats it took 4 hrs to clean interior after that I put back seat but car does not start it is stalling. I have to tow to shop they said it went into theft mode and he could not reset you have to take it to dealer than I took to another shop he was able to start the car after multiple try I paid $200 to fix this problem. My question is does car go into theft mode because I did not disconnected battery. your feed back is appreciate.

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