Surprising my Dad with his Dream Car (75% off MSRP)!!!

Buying my Dad his dream car and surprising him with it out of nowhere was one of the best things I have ever done in my life. I surprised my dad with a new car and he did not expect it at all! We saved over 75% off of MSRP by not buying it from the dealership!
With luxury cars it's better to let someone else buy it new and take the huge depreciation hit first. Then you can buy it at an amazing price with low mileage and just a few years old. We wrapped the car with an Indulgent Blue wrap to make it look amazing and we learned how to change the oil in an exotic car to save a ton of money!

*All-in-one* used car search website:

Where I got the large model car:
Blue Wrap I got:
Ferrari Motor Oil:
Portable Socket Set:
Oil Lab Test Kit:
Pre Purchase Inspection Checklist:
I Finally Bought My Dream Car:

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    For 2020 we have big HOW TO videos coming out! Here is a list of videos that are FOR SURE coming out this year!!! Please comment below anything you want to see this year!!! -How to Supercharge your car on a budget (supercharging the DriftStang) -How to Turbo Your Car (Ebay Turbo the Del Sol) -How to fix a bouncy car -How to fix a sloppy/loose shifter -How to install a roll cage in a car -How to build your own car trailer -Secret new project car ;) -How to patch a rust hole in the floor of your car -How to make your own smoke machine for vacuum leaks -How to check for vacuum and evap leaks -How to install automatic bed lights in your truck (or under the hood of your car) -There is more I have been working on in 2019 to get ready for 2020 but I wont spoil the surprise! Stay tuneeeeeeed

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    I was super close to buying one of these a few years ago for right around 30k but the maintenance costs scared the crap out of me. Normally I don’t mind paying $90 for the dealer to change the oil but $550!?

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    WOW! It's a Beautiful thing when you think your son has turned into a great man! And your extremely proud of his accomplishments! Chris you are that man! And you don't take for granted that your family is the most important thing. I saw how your father was being overwhelmed! I believe this journey will call life isn't about the money or fame. It's the journey and the Beautiful moments together!

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