How to Replace a VTC Actuator (Complete DIY Guide)

Does your engine rattle on startup? A bad variable valve timing VTC actuator or bad cam phasers can cause a rattling noise on a cold start. This is a common problem in Honda 2.4 engines including the Accord and CRV among others. This is also a common problem in Ford Ecoboost engines. In this video I show you how to diagnose a bad VVT actuator which can cause a P1009 check engine code. Then I show you the entire process on how to replace the VTC actuator without removing the camshafts and using only common hand tools. I show you how to set the engine to top dead center, remove the timing chain, replace the VTC actuator and install new gaskets in the valve cover to prevent oil leaks.

Spray Nine Degreaser:
High Strength Removable Threadlocker:
Quick Set Gasket Maker:
Bluetooth OBD2 Scanner:
VTC Actuator:
Honda 2.4l Valve Cover Gasket Set:

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    I hope this helps the millions of people affected by bad variable valve timing actuators and even if you dont have this issue, there is a lot to learn about setting an engine to top dead center! Thank you Spray Nine for hooking me up so I can SuperClean my engine bay! If you buy a bottle of their degreaser from Advance Auto Parts (or anything else) use "ChrisFix25" for 25% off your ENTIRE order! I make no money from you guys using the code, it was negotiated to help you guys. I use it myself whenever I buy parts haha. Hope this helps! Spray Nine Degreaser: High Strength Removable Threadlocker: Quick Set Gasket Maker: Bluetooth OBD2 Scanner: VTC Actuator: Honda 2.4l Valve Cover Gasket Set: Tools:

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    @ChrisFix Maybe I overestimate the importance of this but I generally advise that people break the lugnuts (or bolts) loose on the ground and not while jacked up. At least not DIY'ers, professional lift is a different story.

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