How to Install LED Bed Lights (Fun DIY Project)

Learn how to install LED strip lights in the bed of your truck or under the hood of your car for less than $30. I show you how to wire the white LED strip lights with a push button switch and a magnetic switch so when you open the tailgate the lights come on automatically and illuminate the inside of the truck bed.

You can also install the LED lights under the hood of your car so when you open your hood, the lights turn on automatically or with the push of a button. In this case we are working on a Ford Raptor pickup truck but the LED light installation process is the same on any vehicle.

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Products Used
LED Light Strip:
LED Strip Light (Ebay):
Magnetic Switch:
Push Button Switch:
Very High Bonding Tape:
Wire Connectors:
Wire Protector:
Wire Crimper:
Wire Stripper:
Soldering Iron:

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    Hey @ChrisFix! I just want to say thanks SO MUCH for your videos! I'm an 18 year old girl who knows absolutely nothing about cars and I've always been too scared to buy one, but with your videos I just got an amazing deal on my first car and it's in great shape! You also helped me prove my boyfriend wrong haha because I changed some brake pads, rotors, and did an oil change all by myself which was the coolest thing ever! So keep doing what you do because it's helping millions!! :)

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  • Mercedes Ulloa

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  • Mercedes Ulloa

    Mercedes Ulloa

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    @ChrisFix Jesus

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    I've messaged this dude to work on my truck a Ram 1500, with a misfire, it would definitely help many Ram owners out there in this country. Maybe he could fix it and make a video. Obviously paying him to fix my truck. Never got back to me. Maybe because i live in NJ USA, or maybe because i own a "Chrysler". I guess i need to move to another country buy a cheap Ford Raptor with 100 s of thousands of miles and give it a try lol.

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    Hey don’t know if you’ll see this but I need help! Did everything exactly the way you did minus the magnetic switch. Just want to press the button to turn on and off. Can figure out the wiring tho. The instructions for the push button I purchased is telling me to connect the “-“ from the battery to the black wires for the lights and the button. Problem is there is no “-“ wire from the battery. Any info would be very helpful

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  • Seth Beech
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    So yalls actually stick? My leds never rlly stuck, they would fall after like 5 minutes

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    @ChrisFix - those reed switches are not rated for the current that a whole length of LED strip will take. Eventually the switch contacts will weld themselves shut. You need to use a relay to handle the current from the lights, and use the reed switch to throw the relay

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  • jokerjay 1987
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    A couple of things worth mentioning, learnt when rewiring my boat: 1. The primary choice of fuse does not depend on the load you intend to connect. The wire is chosen to be able to support the intended load and connection distance, then the fuse is chosen to have an equal or lower current capacity as the wire. If the fuse is rated higher than the cable, a short is likely to end in a fire. 2. The wire needs to be multistrand as you have used, never use solid core wire eg intended for a house, vibration will break it. 3. When the solder connection is shown in the cideo, a difference between the LED tail and the wire for the run to the battery on the right is visible: left = silver (presoldered), the right shows bare copper. Presoldered is chosen by the led manufacturer because it does not corrode. I have not yet found a “waterproof” connection which remains just that in boats and cars.

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