Top Car Tools and Gadgets of 2020 (Christmas Gift Ideas)

Here's my top 5 Christmas Gift Ideas for car guys and girls. These are the coolest gadgets and most helpful tools I could think of for this year. I also included stocking stuffers for even more gift ideas on a budget! These gift ideas are all products I personally use and like enough to share with my fans!

DIY Ceramic Coating: (use code "xmas25" for $25 off)
Undercarriage Washer:
Jack Stands: (use code "5%OFF1220 for 5% off)
Wheel Chock:
Rubber Jack Pad:
Electric Impact Ratchet:
Precision Screwdriver Set:
SAE/Metric Ratcheting Wrench Set: (use "ChrisFix25" for 25% off)
Foam Case Ratcheting Wrench Set:
Breaker Bar Ratchet Adaptor:
Ratcheting Breaker Bar:
Magnetic Paper Towel Holder:
Mag Glove Box Holder:
Mag Can Holder:
Mag Tool Tray:
Extendable Stick Magnet:
Mag Blue Socket Holder Set:
Low Profile Socket Holder:
Mag Wrench Holder:
Mag Screwdriver Holder:

The Other Christmas Gift Idea videos I did:
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    Hope this helps you guys get some awesome gifts for you or someone else this holiday season!!! 1.) DIY Ceramic Coating: (use code "xmas25" for $25 off) 2.) Jack Stands: (use code "5%OFF1220 for 5% off) 3.) Electric Impact Ratchet: 4.) Foam Case Ratcheting Wrench Set: 5.) Magnetic Tool Storage:

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    Power move eight there. Buys himself a bunch of gifts and pays for it with awesome content.

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    The most important thing to remember when buying power tools is to buy a good brand. Don't get the super cheap brands. Get the decent brands, yes they cost more but they're totally worth it.

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    Chris I love you but man you don't need the ratcheting attachment you can use the swinging head like the jack the comes with your car

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    Love the video, long time subscriber, but 70-90% ISO is way too strong for car detailing! You'll ruin the paint like that. 15-25% (diluted with distilled water) is the way to go here.

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    Thank you Chris. I just bought a new toolbox for my truck that didn’t have screw driver holders build in. I saw this video when it first came out. I thought I would never need the screw driver holders but now I am ordering them to stick the screw drivers to both sides of my toolbox. Flat head on one side and Phillip head on the other side

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    i have a small plastic jack block with a slot in it for jacking rib on car and it actually got wedged to the rib and my wife drove it around for months and i even got car inspected and nobody seemed to notice it there makes me wonder if they even jacked the car up since they didn't notice a silver rubber block on car . i went to check a small antifreeze leak and found it under there months later

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    The fourth mode on that right angle impact wrench is for running down fasteners and will automatically shut off when it senses its been tightened to 10 foot pounds of torque

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