How to TEST Your Coolant for the Winter (Before Major DAMAGE is Done)

Learn how to test your antifreeze, and how to change your coolant to make sure it is protecting your car's engine and cooling system properly. In this video I cover what how to properly test your coolant and top off your radiator so it is a 50/50 mix that way your car wont overheat and your engine block wont freeze or corrode.

Also if the heat in your car is weak or you dont have heat, in this video I will show you how to bleed the air out of the cooling system so you can get heat Coolant is 50% antifreeze and 50% distilled water. And no, freeze plugs are not going to save your engine block from freezing and cracking every time.

Coolant Tester:
Concentrated PEAK 10x:
50/50 PEAK 10x:
Distilled Water (no minerals):
Spill Proof Funnel:
Large Fluid Storage Container:

Temperature Chart for Antifreeze:Water:

How to SUPER FLUSH your Coolant:
How to Flush your Heater Core:
How to Diagnose and Fix NO Heat in your Car:

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    Just dropped brand new DriftStang "Ugly Sweaters" which are actually really comfy: This is an important video I wanted to get out asap before the really cold part of winter sets in! Here are some other related videos: How to SUPER FLUSH your Coolant: How to Flush your Heater Core: How to Diagnose and Fix NO Heat in your Car:

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    @Krischen Price do note that that some people get away with calling some things the wrong way, and it in fact becomes their identity, that this man calls this thing this way and not that way. Christopher is also one of them, with his identity becoming him always calling water as 'wooder'.

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    Why did you write wooder on one of the pipes... Do you mean water?


    Isn’t green antifreeze obsolete? Why don’t you buy the 50/50 per mix?

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    One thing to remember is that coolant becomes slush, and does not freeze solid like water so while the freezing point is -34 F the bursting point - at which it will expand and crack - is extremely low.

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    It's cold here in Vermont. What happens if I use 75% coolant? Too much of a good thing?

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    Thanks for always adding metric units!

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    don’t use distilled water use normal water without lime because distilled water will take out its minerals out of your engine block, which can cause rly rly big issues

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    Chris I have a 2004 dodge dakota it keeps losing coolant but I can't find any leaks! Could use your help!

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    i have a1995 luxline honda and so far i know there hasnt been antifreeze in for 2 years(if not longer) only water but can i put in antifreeze in or will it break down the rust and make a hole in the system

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    Water boils at 212 depending on sea level. As air pressure rises, water takes less heat to boil. Top of Everest, water would boil around 180F. Interesting fact about water.

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    I just use straight antifreeze I've never mixed distilled water with it. What's the reason for your method? Thanks

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    Long time viewer, 1st comment: What about Evan's Waterless Coolant? Do you run it in any of your vehicles?

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    Bad experience with that head gasket crud on a Jaguar I bought. It clogs the spots of where the gasket had cracked/corroded from, but this stuff leaves a residue through out the system, like cholesterol in an artery, it builds. This overheated the Jag I had. No wonder the guy sold it to me for 900. We know you know how to change a head gasket. Stop being lazy and change it, because you’ll just added a future headache/heartbreak. Besides it ‘better safe than sorry’, so you go ChrisFix that correctly or someone is going to have a beautiful Jag just sitting on the lot for a while. 🚗🚙🛻🚖🚘🚕🚙🚖🚘🚗🚙🚕🏎

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    Thanks for sharing. It is not worth the effort to change the head gasket and the money to get the heads machined flat. No one will own this car after me. Its toast after I am done with it.

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    in my car i use about 40% and stil good dont go below 1/3 or 33% above this is 100% safe ( in my experience )

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    11:58 My Volvo 850 have like a 5 liter washer fluid i do not think 15 sec holding it empty it enough i can use that tank for the entire summer without changing out so when it getts close to winter i use it for 5-10 sec a day while driving until it is empty and then i fill with winter washer fluids and on spring i doo the same to get too summer fluid that help with removing insects and other stuff on the windshield :) ow and i think some cars have an extra washer fluid container in the back for back washer i am going to check that on my car because i get no washer fluid on the rear window :D

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    You would (ironically) have a lower freezing point, much less heat transfer ability, and any additives they put in wouldn't work because it requires wooder to suspend the molecules!

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